What Makes a Great Baker?

What Makes a Great Baker?

For some, the thought of baking is terrifying and might even hover on the fence of being an impossible task. If you fall into that category but have had a heavenly baked good that has left you wondering what it takes to become a great baker, then the team at Blue Shirt Bakery has some answers for you! Here’s what makes a great baker…


Passion and Heart

You’ve heard it before: “wow, s/he really cooks with love”. Baking is no different and if your heart is not in it, the taste will reflect it. Baking, like cooking, is not only following recipes and monitoring oven-time with meticulousness. It is an act of love and a profession that requires true passion and a great amount of pride in one’s work. A true baker is passionate about the taste, smell, texture and quality of their goods as well as how a meal or baked treat can bring people together and put a smile on someone’s face.


Practice Does Make (Almost) Perfect

Passion drives the desire to practice, and like anything in life, practicing a skill will give you the experience needed to become better at it. Following a recipe and instructions may seem simple enough, but great bakers learn through trial and error and are better able to manipulate and use ingredients because of it. Once the fundamentals are there, practicing baking skills also affords one the opportunity to become innovative and creative for finished products that are truly unique and wonderful.


‘The Flair’

We’re not saying that one cannot learn the skills needed to become a great baker if the passion and dedication is there, but having a natural flair for baking certainly goes a long way to setting your baked goods apart.


Flatbread Bakery in Johannesburg

We know all about this natural flair because it seems to run in our family, with the passion and dedication to drive it. The proof is in our breads, rotis, wraps, pitas, tramezzinis, tortillas and other lovingly baked and hand-crafted treats. If you’d prefer to have the proof in the pudding, we make waffles too! For more information, contact Blue Shirt Bakery or visit our website.



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