Waffling On

Waffling On

If you like to wake up in style with waffles at the ready, or if you’ve ever had savoury waffles for dinner, then as a seasoned waffle veteran, this one is for you. The versatility of waffles has given us plenty of inspiration and we have compiled a list of ways to get scrumptiously creative with waffles using flavour combinations you may have yet to consider.


Caramelised Pears, Walnuts and Cream

Caramelised pears are easy enough; simply heat butter in a skillet, add the pear slices and brown them for about five minutes. Add brown sugar and continue to cook for another five minutes (you will see them caramelising). Layer your waffles with the caramelised pears, add some cream and sprinkle walnuts on top. Voilà. For the brave and more savoury inclined, try swopping the cream for brie cheese.


Want S’More?

Few things are better than braaing a marshmallow, sticking it between two biscuits and adding chocolate sauce – aka s’mores. Now imagine this combination all on top of a waffle! Melt your marshmallows and add them to the waffle, break some good ole Marie Biscuits over that before drizzling with chocolate sauce. Now say, “please sir, can I have some more?”.

Carrot Cake, Waffle Take

Use shredded carrots and heat them in a pan with vanilla, cinnamon and brown sugar. Now time for the frosting; cream cheese, vanilla extract, a bit of butter and icing sugar will do the job. Layer the two on your waffle before sprinkling with pecan nuts and enjoying with vanilla ice-cream on the side. Mmm…

A Waffle for Every Fan

If you’re excited about all the flavour possibilities you can create, order some plain waffles and get creative trying out your own flavour combinations! If traditional waffles are still your favourite, then there’s no problem with that either. Like we said, waffles are versatile enough for everyone. For delivery options and more information, contact Blue Shirt Bakery or visit their website.

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