Waffling on About Waffles

Waffling on About Waffles











You likely haven’t ever sat down to ponder the history of the waffle; unless like me you are a niche enthusiast or perhaps run a bakery. With that disclaimer out of the way, waffles actually boast a lot of history hidden in those crunchy little grids, and it’s a history as interesting as waffles are tasty.

So let’s take a look at how they originated, and what led waffles to become somewhat of a household name, even though they have technically been around for longer than modern civilization itself.

A History Older than You Think

While waffles didn’t really make it into the average home until the mid-20th century, the history of their consumption dates back much further than that.s

In fact, museum displays actually hold waffle irons that are as old as ancient Greece, but even though they were around back then, it wasn’t until around the 18th century that waffle irons could be found just about everywhere.

The Dutch Have Done it Again

If you have never had the pleasure of tasting a stroopwaffel, you need to find one. As you may have guessed from the name, it is Dutch for syrup waffle, which describes the delicacy quite well: since they are made as much of syrup as they are of waffle -can you think of anything better.

What makes the Dutch so good at making waffles? The fact that it has been their past-time for centuries. They did, in fact, bring it to America in 1620, but those waffle irons were clunky and not very convenient to use, and had to be used on open hearths.

Eventually, however, the electric waffle iron was invented by the Simplex Electrical Company of Boston in 1906 which allowed waffles to be used in just about every home.

And the rest, at the risk of waffling on, is history.

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