The Benefit Of Choosing Blue Shirt Bakery

The Benefit Of Choosing Blue Shirt Bakery

The Nutrition Of Bread

Nutrition and bread aren’t usually put in the same sentence, and for good reason.

Bread does have some nutritional benefits, but there are healthier alternatives, such as flatbreads.

Blue Shirt Bakery supplies a whole host of food businesses with their healthy alternative.

So if the bread is seen to be in some ways healthy, how exactly does bread supposedly provide you with nutritional value?


Calcium is an important mineral found in food needed to keep our bones as healthy and strong as possible. Calcium also provides other valued functions such as helping in regulating your heartbeat.

Bread, specifically white bread, provides up to thirty per cent of an individual’s daily calcium needs.

A lack of calcium can lead to calcium deficiency (Hypocalcemia), which can result in issues such as cataracts, osteoporosis and can even lead to changes in the brain.


Fibre is an important facet in maintaining your digestive health, helping with the prevention of diseases such as diabetes.

Fibre also keeps your stomach working regularly, which helps keep your bowels healthy.

Assisting in bettering your cholesterol and blood sugar levels, fibre is also known to help in decreasing the chances of receiving bowel cancer.


Protein is very important for the maintenance of your body.

It is used by your body to develop and fix issues, and also creates a whole host of substances and chemicals. This includes enzymes and hormones to name a few.

The need for protein is quite a lot as it is the foundation for the development of bones, muscles and blood.

Bread does provide your body with a source of protein, however, it is definitely not enough to sustain a healthy protein balance.


Iron is an important mineral needed for your body to oxidise your lungs through red blood cells.

Without the right amount of iron in your system, your body will not be able to produce enough oxygen to maintain a healthy life.

Bread does have iron, which will help in providing a part of your daily iron needs.


Vitamins & Other Minerals

Vitamins and other types of minerals are important for your bodies continually functionality and development.

Your body needs these vitamins and minerals as it not only helps with strengthening your bones, it also helps in keeping your immune system as strong as possible.

Bread contains some of these vitamins and other minerals and helps to regulate the above-motioned maintenance of your body.


Energy levels can deplete over the course of short to long periods, without energy, your body may stop being able to power your internal organs, heal wounds, create cells and allow you to carry on with your day to day tasks.

Bread is able to provide your body with carbohydrates which do deliver energy into your body.


Fat provides energy to the body, insulates and protects our vital organs.

Fat actually helps proteins provide their function to the body. Alongside this, fat helps the chemicals, needed for your body’s growth and strength, as well as your immune system strength, to start working.

Bread overall is low fat and does provide some form of fat needed for the above functions to occur.


Sugar is not necessarily the healthiest carbohydrates to ingest.

Lowering your sugar intake will improve your internal and external features.

Bread, in general, has little to no sugar within them and so will not be providing your body with unnecessary sugar.

Why Bread Is Not The Smartest Choice

There Are No Real Benefits

Bread has almost no nutritional value, in fact, all of the above mentioned is so minimal that it doesn’t really impact your vitamin or mineral intake at all.

The vitamins and minerals in bread have been put in after the fact, and most probably won’t even be able to be absorbed by your body.

Focusing on eating the right amount of fruit and vegetables as well as high protein meals will benefit you more.

Healthy wraps are another alternative which will give you more bang for your buck.


Lectins and Phytates are toxins which can be found in bread and actually act as a shield, blocking the ability for your body to absorb the nutrients from the food you are eating.

Bread inflames the stomach lining and makes it very difficult for your body to absorb things such as iron, which is essential in providing nutrients to your red blood cells.

It’s Not Just Bread

We would like to hope that the bread we do consume is just that, bread.

The sad truth is that there is a large portion of bread, which we consume, has corn syrup added to it.

This is not just specific to one kind of bread as white bread, whole wheat, whole grain and nut and seed among others, all have corn syrup.

What’s so bad about corn syrup?

Well, if you think about it, soft drinks and chocolate bars contain corn syrup.

A lot of bread also contains trans fats which are not good for your body at all.

Increase In Blood Sugar

Bread is a big supplier of processed carbohydrates which is not something which provides nutrients for you.

In fact, processed carbs act as a catalyst making your blood sugar spiking, which means your insulin will begin to surge, then dropping your blood sugar, which affects your energy levels.

This cycle continues because the more carbs you eat to give you energy, the worse it gets.



Inflammation is a condition in the body where your internal organs become swollen and sometimes you can experience the sensation of pain.

Processed carbs do actually cause inflammation in the stomach, which causes an array of health issues.

As mentioned above, bread holds processed carbs, and so eating bread not only deprives your body of nutrients but also causes a bad condition.

Flatbread And The Future

Flatbreads can provide a healthier alternative to normal bread as if prepared with health in mind, will offer more than what regular bread does.

Food wrap suppliers, such as Blue Shirt Bakery, supply flatbread products which are not only delicious but are an alternative to bread.

The reason as to why flatbread is a healthier alternative is because although bread can provide vitamins and minerals to your body, flatbread provides a great deal more of vitamins and minerals, which will give you more energy, protection and overall health.

As flatbread becomes more and more popular, slowly starting to become the main choice over bread, the important thing to note is choosing a product from a flatbread bakery, or company, which is providing you with the best fibre, the best vitamins and minerals, iron and overall energy.

Blue Shirt Bakery, food wrap suppliers, offer their consumer’s nutritionally valued flatbread products, among other health-focused products.

Who Is Blue Shirt Bakery?

As mentioned before Blue Shirt Bakery is a flatbread bakery, who is focused on providing its customers with the best products they can.

Beginning their journey over twenty-five years ago, Blue Shirt Bakery have focused themselves on proving food wraps as well as tortillas, and many more products, to the South African nation.

They also provide their top of the range of products to countries in the Indian Ocean as well as in Saudi Arabia.

Blue Shirt Bakery pride themselves with supplying honest nutritional information on their products, allowing you to make the choice based on truthful figures.

Supplying reliable food businesses with top of the range products which actually gives you the nutrients needed, sounds simple.

However, some business tries to cut costs by producing lower quality products, focusing more on making a profit than supplying quality.

Blue Shirt Bakery, food wrap suppliers, focus on making products which are top quality, give your body the nutrients it needs, and tastes amazing.

Blue Shirt Bakery Products

  • Biscuits
  • Pitas
  • Pizza Bases
  • Waffles
  • Wraps, Tortillas & Roti

Blue Shirt Bakery And Food Safety

Food safety in terms of how food is prepared and distributed is very important.

If food gets contaminated or is not packaged with allergy warnings, this can result in major problems in terms of health and safety.

A product which you sell that causes illness to consumers will not only be unacceptable but will also tarnish your brand.

Choosing a flatbread bakery business who cares about the quality and safety of their food, and is always monitoring how they can improve on their safety, such as Blue Shirt Bakery, is a good option.

Blue Shirt Bakery uses a registered, up to code, food manufacturing facility to produce their food.

They have been audited in order to honestly be graded as falling under all of the requirements necessary to produce and sell food.

All of Blue Shirt Bakery’s products, including their healthy wraps, are Halaal Certified.

Adding to this, the business is such a trusted production of their range of foods, that you can find their products in Pick n’ Pay, OK Foods, Food Lover’s Market and Checkers, just to name a few.

What Could Happen With Bad Food Safety Practice


Food Poisoning

Food poisoning is a serious illness which can, and has, lead to death.

Poor hygiene and sanitation in food manufacturing facilities can lead to the contamination of food and beverages, which means that if food poisoning were to occur, it would be on a large scale.

The failure to properly clean your hands, and ensure the proper health and safety gear is being used, can result in such an incident from occurring.

Slip Injuries

Being an internal occurrence, slip injuries can cause ailments to the staff of your factory.

By not properly cleaning up any wet marks or spillages can lead to the injury of staff.

These injuries could be severely detrimental such as a staff member hitting their head or breaking an appendage.

Taking care of such spillages will prevent such from happening.

Pest Infestation

The invasion of pests such as rats or cockroaches could lead to producing being stolen, but more importantly, produce being tampered with.

Pests could find their way to your plant in a number of ways. One way is if the poor cleaning of your space, which will most definitely attract bugs, rodents and other animals.

Why Should You Choose Blue Shirt Bakery

Blue Shirt Bakery could be seen as just another bakery business, but they aren’t.

For over twenty-five years Blue Shirt Bakery has been producing high-quality flatbread based food products.

Not only are their products high quality, but they are also geared towards trying to be as healthy as possible, all the while providing you with good tasting reliable food.

Blue Shirt Bakery has placed themselves in pole position to be the leading alternative choice to bread products, including the production of healthy wraps, with their flatbread production being supplied to a whole host of retailers.

The flatbread bakery business is reliable and has been involved in shaping and reshaping the bread sector for years, with their experience and professionalism shining through the day in day out.

Blue Shirt Bakery has and will continue to ensure that its food safety and hygiene standards fall under the correct quality gradings.

They are fully committed to providing the best quality product and at the best price. However, they will not stoop to the level of some businesses by bypassing standards in order to make a profit.

Contact Blue Shirt Bakery For More Information

Blue Shirt Bakery has been supplying our tastebuds with the highest quality flatbread products. If you’re looking for a new flatbread bakery producer and supplier, then contact Blue Shirt Bakery today for further details.

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