Tear and Share

Tear and Share

Flatbreads, waffles and biscuits prove to be favourites in the foodservice industry as customers tear bread and share food with each other.

As a corporate company holding events, an independent store or a restaurant chain – it is crucial to have exciting recipes, fresh, high-quality products and nutritional information at your fingertips.

Tasty Recipes

The most versatile ingredient to have on your menu with enormous amounts of recipes to chose from are wraps.

Different, fresh fillings cater to a variety of tastes from mouth-watering eats to carb-conscious diets – all types of patrons will be excited to eat this food.

A cost-effective, easy and simple food which has a number of different recipes to go along with it is exactly what you need to satisfy the many needs of your customers.

High-quality products

Tasty food should be a priority when hosting events or catering to your customers. Ensure your company provides an array of fresh, high-quality products for your patrons which simultaneously caters for the many special dietary requirements.

A company’s food variety can range from tasty wraps to biscuit products to ensure all patron cravings are met.

Halaal foods especially have become one of the most important dietary requirements in the foodservice industry – ensure your company caters for such patrons.

Nutritional Information

A rise in health consciousness all over the globe means your company must keep up with nutritional information.

The types of food you provide for customers may bring on concerns about sodium, carbohydrate, protein and energy content (among many others).

Ensure you know exactly how to answer your customer concerns should they enquire about any of these by knowing your products and food providers well.

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