Pizza Party

Pizza Party

Pizza parties don’t even need to be sold to anyone. It’s pizza! Just in case there are any remaining doubters out there, throwing a pizza party for your child will mean more smiling kids, an extra activity to add onto your party schedule and something versatile, delicious and allergy conscious to fill the tummies of your little guests.

How to Do It

Simply grab some delicious pizza bases and then consider toppings that kids would love. Once you have a multitude of toppings ranging from mushrooms, cheese (this one is a must), ham, chicken pieces, peppers, feta, bacon, rocket, pineapple and whatever else you think would be enjoyed, lay the ingredients on a table in separate containers.

Allow children to fill their pizza bases with ingredients of their own choice. To make sure you are catering for any allergies, check with parents first and simply eliminate any foods that could cause allergies.

Once kids have finished their pizza creations, put them in the oven to bake.

Why Kids Love It

Children love having some creative responsibility over their food. You can make things even more interesting for them by encouraging them to create smiley faces, hearts, flowers or stars on their pizzas using their toppings. For older kids, having them write their name is another fun option.

The process of designing their own pizza is also a social one, so kids will have a lot of fun doing this with their friends.

Desert Pizza

For a desert pizza, simply change the topping options to ones such as Nutella, smarties, cookies etc. You will be able to find pizza bases that taste great from Blue Shirt Bakery. This flatbread bakery is situated in Johannesburg and provides other wonderful flatbreads like wraps, tortillas, tramezzinis, pitas and rotis. For more information, contact them or visit their website.

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