Pita if You Please

Pita if You Please

Few things are better than pita bread which pairs so well with just about anything you could think of. Usually, pitas are lined with hummus, meat and tahini with vegetables like brinjals lending a hint of richness and warmth. We have discovered a variety of ways to eat Pita and have found them to be so enjoyable that we are even willing to share our secrets with you.


Breakfast Pita

Nobody should limit pita to a time of day. That is precisely why you should consider frying an egg for breakfast tomorrow, caramelizing some onions before throwing bacon in the pan as well and then putting all of that goodness on top of a glorious pita. Drizzle with cheddar cheese and place in the oven for 10 minutes. Presto – breakfast has forever been revolutionized.

It’s Not Inside OR On-Top – It’s Both

Pita can actually be used as a kind of pizza base. This is great news considering the pockets that Pita’s have; pockets that can be filled with surprise treats such as ricotta cheese, hummus, tahini or anything else you could imagine. Once that is done, close the pocket and add tomato base to the top of the pita before dressing it with your favourite pizza toppings. Sneaky right?

A Dip with a Pita Chip

Love dips? Next time you are entertaining, instead of classic potato chips or crisps, cut a pita into bite sized triangles before baking in the oven. Whip up (or buy, we won’t tell) a delicious dip such as cream cheese and sweet chilli, tahini, tzatziki or hummus. Lay the baked ‘pita chips’ around your dip and watch as the magic unfolds around you and your guests beg to know your culinary secrets (sshh).

Need Pita Bread, Like, Yesterday?

Finding flatbread bakeries in Johannesburg that still deliver on the flavour and texture that pita bread should be can prove tricky. Luckily, you have read the write article; contact Blue Shirt Bakery or visit their website for more delicious secrets.

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