Let’s ‘Wrap’ About it: Gourmet Fillings

Few people can say they don’t love wraps. After all, what’s not to love? The delicious taste of a light flatbread with all the choices in the world to fill it with and the option to eat it with your fingers or a knife and fork is enough to appeal to anyone.

Let’s not forget that a wrap can be enjoyed at virtually anytime of the day – for breakfast, brunch, a snack, lunch, an appetiser or for dinner. With so many things to do with wraps and so many ways to eat them, we have decided to compile a list of gourmet wrap ideas for the decadent at heart.

Camembert, Pear and Prosciutto

If it can work on a pizza, it can most definitely work in a wrap! Caramelised pears work well to balance the saltiness of the prosciutto with a flavour-burst of sweetness whilst camembert provides a textural experience to remember.

Asian Style with Crunchy Noodles

Simple enough, make a stir fry and then wrap it up; this idea allows for plenty of experimentation – whether you like chicken, beef or pork is the question to ask. Once you’ve got that part down, choose your favourite stir fry veggies and garnish with sesame seeds and crunchy glass noodles. An oriental flavour burst all conveniently confined to one glorious wrap!

Dessert Style Wraps

Hey, with wraps, there are no set rules. Why not grab some of your favourite sugary guilty pleasures and put them in a wrap? Think melted chocolate and crumbled biscuits filling a toasted wrap served with ice cream that has been drizzled with walnuts. We almost didn’t finish writing that sentence we were drooling so much!

Where Can You Get the Best Wraps to Try these Recipes?

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