Try All of These Flatbreads Or Naan

Try All of These Flatbreads Or Naan

Close your eyes twirl your finger and point at a map of the world, and chances are you’ll land on a country famous for a local take on the culinary wonder that is flatbread.
Flatbreads can be made in various ways, they can be leavened in which yeast is added to the dough, and left to rise – or unleavened, made with mixtures of flour, water and salt. It takes just those three modest ingredients to make a beautiful flatbread, From Arepas to Tortillas, here’s how the world makes, bakes and best enjoys its flatbread.

Flatbread – Colombia, Venezuela, Canary Islands

These dense cornmeal cakes are regularly made from flour called masa. These flatbreads have a resemblance to English muffins, though they have a heavier weight, and a heartier taste. The dough can be boiled, baked or steamed, but the form found in many local restaurants is grilled on a open flame. You can enjoy Arepas all by themselves but are traditionally served sliced and stuffed with everything from shrimp to cheese.
Naan – Iran, India

Naan – Iran, India

Literally the Persian name for “bread,” naan is thick, leavened flatbread cooked into misshapen, stretched discs over a tandoor oven. The interesting texture is light and chewy, and mild flavours are sometimes incorporated into the dough with the addition of milk or yogurt. Frequent naan toppings include ghee, nigella seeds  and sometimes even garlic.

Tortilla – Mexico

Tortillas are thin, unleavened flatbreads prepared from either corn (traditional) or wheat flour (in the north of Mexico). First eaten and produced by Mesoamericans, contact with exploring Europeans led to the spread of the flatbread across most of the world. Due to their versatility, tortillas are incredibly useful, and take many different  forms in Mexican & other international cuisines.


Pita | Greece, Turkey, Middle East

By baking plain dough at extremely high temperatures above 400 degrees Celsius, the water present is changed rapidly into steam, which causes a air pocket to form within each pita. Pita bread is traditionally enjoyed with stuffed kebab-style with meats, or cut into tortilla chip like triangles dipping into rich hummus or tzatziki.


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