Getting a taste of the good life

Getting a taste of the good life

Food is pretty important for our survival. We talk about ways you can save money by simply buying in bulk, why nutritional information is so important and how dealing with food is so important to take safety measures.

Why nutritional information is so important?

Leading a healthy lifestyle requires good nutrition and even better food choices, in order for us to make these decisions we ultimately need to know exactly what we are eating, the precise contents of our product. Having the appropriate nutritional information on a product not only gives you that insight, it assists you with better food choices.

How can buying in bulk save you money?

Some experts actually believe buying in bulk can save you up to 20% on your purchase. How so? The number one thing to look at when buying in bulk is not simply the price of the product as a whole but the price per unit. The bigger you buy, the more you are most likely to save. Suppliers are generally happy to lower their prices the more you take, as in the long run they actually make more of a profit. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us.

Why is safety so important when dealing with food?

Believe it or not people’s behaviour around food affects the safety of the food. From processes on the farm to a home cooked meal in the kitchen, making sure the highest care is taken can actually eliminate any illness while tampering with food. It all narrows down to washing your hands before preparing the food to storing the food correctly in your fridge or cupboards, again always read the labels for the correct storage of an item.

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