Deciding on a company to supply you with wraps

Deciding on a company to supply you with wraps

Wraps come in different textures, sizes and can be made wheat free, gluten free etc. They are convenient, can be eaten on the go and we love the fact that you can eat them with your hands. We discuss how to properly fold a wrap, the difference between a tortilla and a wrap and can you eat wraps on a keto diet?

How do you properly fold a wrap?

Lay your wraps out and fill them with all the yummy ingredients you love. Firstly, fold the sides of the wrap half way towards the centre. Second, bring the bottom third towards the centre. Thirdly, tuck the filling in nice and snug so nothing can escape and the Fourth step, enjoy your delicious meal.

What’s the difference between tortilla’s and wraps?

A wrap and a tortilla both fall under the flatbread family except both are made differently. A wrap is smooth, even and perfectly round. A tortilla is a bit uneven, not as smooth, made with different ingredients and unlevelled dough. Most wraps are actually made to contain yeast.

Can you eat wraps on a keto diet?

We love wraps as you are more than welcome to eat them on the keto diet and actually it makes them perfect for keeping healthy in general. Wraps can be gluten and lactose free which is a bonus. Each wrap has between 11 to 13 grams of protein and 12 to 13 grams of fat. They are scrumptious and you can fill them with all healthy ingredients.

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