Deciding on a company to supply you with flatbreads

Deciding on a company to supply you with flatbreads

Flatbreads are divine, especially when they are made with the freshest ingredients and the best recipe. Consistency is key. We talk about how long the dough will last in the fridge, what makes flatbreads different and what toppings go nicely on flatbreads.

How long does flat bread dough last in the fridge?

All products have a life span, flatbreads believe it or not can last a total of 90 days in the fridge. Of course, we say the fresher the better. Using the freshest ingredients and allowing it to be served before it gets refrigerated is the best. Remember to always look at the expirer date on the packaging.

What makes flatbreads different?

Flatbreads that stand out from the rest are normally made with genuine fresh ingredients, using the same recipe every time and it must have the same consistency throughout. The quality must always be the best and each batch made as delicious as the last.

What toppings go nicely on flatbreads?

The nice thing about flatbreads is you can mix it up and add any toppings of your choice, loads of variety and flavours to compliment any occasion. We have our favourites which are feta, spinach and mozzarella. A Hawaiian vibe with ham, pineapple, barbeque sauce and cheese. Mushrooms, bacon and cheese is mouth-watering.

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