Choosing the perfect bakery

Choosing the perfect bakery

When flatbreads, waffles and biscuits come to mind, I think YUM, light and fluffy is the perfect recipe and it can make all the difference to create a baked good stand out from all other suppliers. Consistency and recipe are key.

What food safety precautions to look for in a bakery?

Well cleaned and maintained machinery is top priority when dealing with a food supplier or bakery, ask them how often their machine and tools are cleaned and maintained. The use of fresh products daily is a necessity when dealing with food, check their quality and freshness. Is the company you purchasing from safe and certified? Do they have a food safety certificate? These are the question you need to ask before deciding on your supplier.

Why the nutritional information on a product is important?

It’s simple, to inform the consumer of that particular product, the serving size, calories per serving, nutrients in the product etc. Nutritional information is purely there for the consumer to make a conscious decision when purchasing the product. It shows the total fats, sugars, carbs, energy, protein and dietary fibre. It may be the deciding factor between two or more products.

Does the company deliver fresh goods?

When dealing with food, the turn over time must be on point. It must be fast, fresh and pretty close to perfect. From start to finish at the bakery, including the delivery, the item must not be squashed or mouldy or have dropped in quality. Do they have the proper transport and packaging for the product you ordering?


Ask about their turn around time, from the time is takes to purchase the ingredients to the time it is personally delivered to your hand. All these are key factors to choosing the perfect supplier. Dealing with foods like flatbreads, tramezzini’s, biscuits they all have an expiry date and a shelf date, its important that delivery takes place in a time efficient manner.

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