Bread the Winner

Carb-free diets are all the fad these days, but for some, the thought of going without bread is just something that simply cannot be entertained – and at Blue Shirt Bakery, we totally get it! For centuries, bread has held its own as an appetiser, an exciting accompaniment to meals or as a meal of its very own. In light of this, we have compiled a list of why bread is a winner and why we salute those who won’t be putting down carbs (and subsequently bread) anytime soon.


Bread is for Everyone!

Bread throughout the ages has been a source of sustenance for those considered to be in the lower earning bracket or below the poverty line. A simple bread requires few ingredients and can feed many, making it a hero of the baking world as a tried and tested hunger buster. With that being said, bread has also been a symbol for the wealthy – think bread sticks, hot loaves smeared in butter and textured pieces dipped in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

For the middle class and parents all around the world, school lunches could potentially be a disaster without the ol’ faithful peanut butter and jelly or simple cheese sandwich to turn to.


Bread is Versatile

Ciabatta, a French Loaf, Brown Bread, White Bread, Seeded Bread or Monastery Bread; the list of the types of breads available could go on and on. Whilst many enjoy savoury bread, bread is a generous food and even provides tasty treats for those with a sweet tooth as well – think corn bread and banana bread!


The Flatbread Society

Our ultimate favourite bread to work with (and to eat) has to be the flatbread varieties we lovingly bake at Blue Shirt Bakery. Whether you love rotis, wraps, pitas, tramezzinis or tortillas, we have breads to suit every carb-hungry need out there. For more information, contact Blue Shirt Bakery or visit our website.


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