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Why Pizza is the Perfect Meal for Any Occasion

Why Pizza is the Perfect Meal for Any Occasion

Pizza has been a part of Western peoples’ diets for a very long time. With its humble origins in Italy, this miraculous and unique form of deliciousness has taken the world by storm, with its cheesy, crusty goodness being lifted from tables on all corners of the globe.

While it is not for everybody, most people love munching down on their favourite type of pizza, whether they are ordering it from local Italian eateries or making it themselves.

Here we will pay homage to the king of Fromage by taking a look at what it is that makes people love these little slices of splendour.

We will do this by talking about the diverse ways that pizza can be enjoyed, and how they can be made to be healthy or can throw the diet to the wind to get that extra taste. We will also explore the beauty of their simplicity since anyone can make them.

From there we will take a look at a brief hi9story of how pizza came about and will show you where to pick up pizza bases that will have you looking like a bona fide Italian chef.

So, let’s get started:

Pizza Any Way You Want

One of the things that people love most about pizzas is the sheer variety in ways that they can be enjoyed. People might disagree massively on matters like using pineapple as a topic, but when all is said and done; everybody who enjoys pizza, has their own preference when it comes to how to eat it.

Even with the massive selection of potential toppings aside, people may simply agree differently to how they should be made.

Do you prefer deep dish pizzas, stuffed-crust pizzas, or the thin-based classic variety?

Beyond that, you can decide whether to order yours from a restaurant or take a crack at making them yourselves.

Making your own is simple, after all, especially if you get ingredients from a trusted pizza base supplier.

The beauty of pizza is that it doesn’t matter how you enjoy eating it.

The variety of types would be overwhelming if most people didn’t already have their own preference. When making it yourself, you can take full advantage of being able to make it your own way.

Pizza Can be Healthy: But it Doesn’t Have to Be

For most people, a dish of pizza doesn’t exactly call up the idea of taking care of your health. Pizza bases, as we know them, are generally topped with delicious (though very unhealthy) cheeses and meats, but that doesn’t mean that every pizza recipe out there is an unhealthy one.

For those that are conscious about what they put into their bodies, there is no need to forego the enjoyment of pizza. By topping them with wholesome, healthy ingredients like vegetables, you can turn somebody’s guilty pleasure into a viable option for maintaining better health.

Of course, not everybody is trying to find a way to shave calories out of their pizza, for a great many of us, enjoying a pizza means treating ourselves to something we know we shouldn’t be eating (at least on a regular basis anyway).

Because they can range in how healthy they are to eat, pizza offers an option that can be adapted for those who are on a diet. Get yourself a pizza base with a minimum capacity of cholesterol and low fat, and the world is practically your oyster when it comes to what affect it has on your body.

For those that enjoy the flavour and filling over calory counting, you could even take things one step further by adding a lot more toppings and folding the pizza base over to make a juicy and delectable calzone. A classic for food lovers everywhere.

Pizza is Simple to Make

Pizza, when opting to do it yourself, is remarkably uncomplicated to make.

All you need is a pizza base which you can get from us here at Blue Shirt Bakery, a good assortment of your favourite cheeses and toppings, pizza sauce, and an oven.

It is also relatively quick to prepare, which makes it ideal when cooking for large amounts of people when you have limited time available to you, or when you’re simply too tired to get carried away in the kitchen.

There are also no right or wrong ways to make a pizza, but how you choose to prepare it will depend entirely on your preferences (which is great news for all of those who are discriminated against for their affinity to pineapple).

This makes it great for those who have to feed fussy eaters (even if that fussy eater is yourself), since you can tailor each and every pizza you make to the preferences of who you are making it for.

Share it or Eat it All

Another thing that people really like about pizzas is something that also adds to its cost-effectiveness, especially for those that find a whole pizza to be just too much food.

Designed with the classic 8 slice cutting style, pizzas form one of the best ways to share a meal with friends and loved ones.

This also makes pizza a wonderful option for those who need a little variety with their meals. Let’s say you are feeding four people; you can make four different types of pizza and share them.

This way everybody gets a little slice of variety, and variety is, after all, the spice of life.

Turn Preparation into a Party

Not mad on the idea of cooking for everybody all by yourself?

That’s fair enough, not everybody gets joy out of cooking. For a great many of us, it is a bit of a chore. If you have to prepare meals for large groups of people (at a party for instance), you might get tired of doing it fairly quickly.

But there is a way to turn the preparation process into an enjoyable activity for everybody you are planning on feeding.

Why not get yourself a stack of high-quality pizza bases, pizza sauce, cheese and an assortment of different ingredients like ham, bacon, mushrooms, onion, peppers, olives, shrimp, tomatoes and anything else that you would like to find on a pizza; and lay it all out for your guests to build their own creations.

This can be a fun exercise and it makes preparation fun, especially when you have children involved that you would like to entertain.

So next time you need to prepare dishes for lots of people, why not turn preparation into a party and have each guest prepare their own.

Pizza; a History of Affordability

Pizza has its humble beginnings as far back as 997AD in the Italian coastal town in Italy. Of course, back then they weren’t quite as sophisticated as they are now, and they also contained noticeably less cheese (if any at all), making today a great time to be alive.

They were basically a type of flatbread that would contain a number of toppings, and eventually, they evolved into the pizzas that we know and love today.

The antique roots of this beloved food started out of sheer necessity, at least as far as some sources are concerned.

Long before these slices of heaven graced the USA, they were consumed by Italian families living locally and abroad. The story of pizza is deeply connected with Roman and Italian history, with certain records dating far past 997AD.

Evidence of a pizza-like bread can be found in Sardinia, for instance, that dates back to over 7000 years.

Even the ancient Greeks had their version, which was called plakous and resembled focaccia.

In the 6th century BC, records tell of Persian soldiers who served under Darius the Great. These soldiers were rumoured to bake flatbreads topped with cheese and dates and would use their shields to do so.

Even the Spartans have some history of enjoyment when it comes to pizza, with it being routed in their folklore. In one particular story, Celaeno, the Harpy Queen, foretold how the Trojans would only know peace once hunger forced them to eat their tables. In a later account, these men were served round cakes that resembled pizza, as a meal, which served as the tables they were to eat.

Moving a little closer in history, and away from mythological parables of ancient culture, we can even see the significance of pizza in more recent history.

It became particularly popular in Italy during times of hardship when families didn’t have money to spare on luxuries like plates. As such, pizzas were designed as a way to feed a family, that didn’t require any.

These pizzas were generally served as street food, where it could be bought cheaply and shared amongst an entire family. They were sold like this for many years before they came to be considered a kitchen recipe.

As time went on and pockets began to fill, these pizzas started to take on more diverse types of toppings and no longer represented simple focaccia.

In fact, one of the first pizzas with toppings on them came into being when the then renowned pizza-maker, Raffaele Esposito, who can be attributed to inventing the Margarita. He did this by including tomatoes, mozzarella and basil to represent the colours of the Italian flag.

Why did he call it the Margarita? Simply, he had prepared the pizza in honour of the queen consort of Italy, who’s name was Margherita of Savoy.

Nearing the conclusion of WW2, after Italy joined the Allies following the fall of Mussolini, pizzas became a fair staple for their soldiers on the front line.

The popularity of pizzas really took off once Italian soldiers and other Allied forces began to mingle.

Following the war, the popularity of pizza really took off thanks to other allied forces partaking in its enjoyment.

Those soldiers who have discovered it on the front lines and survived to bring the recipe home with them can be thanked for sharing this wonderful slice of Italy with the world.

These are just some of the more popular theories of the origin of pizza, some say it was invented by Roman Jews.

In these theories, they would eat what was known as Pizzarelli, which were basically, kosher cookies for Passover, which were eaten after returning from the synagogue.

Get Pizza Bases at Blue Shirt Bakery

With all of this in mind, it is easy to see how pizzas have become a rather iconic part of not just Italian or Western society, but has, since its inception on the streets of Napoli, become a worldwide phenomenon.

If you would like to know more about buying our pizza bases and making this excellent meal a part of your daily lives, be sure to get into contact with a representative from Blue Shirt Bakery today or visit our website for additional details on our range of offers.

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