A Wrap for Every Kind of Person

A Wrap for Every Kind of Person

Wraps are enjoyed by foodies all over the world, and are commonly assumed to be the healthier alternative to other carb-based foods like bread or tramezzini. For those that easily turn noses up at healthier options of tasty foods, overlooking the humble but delicious wrap means missing out on a world of flavour. Food suppliers know that variety is the spice of life, which is why a wrap isn’t ever just a wrap.

For those Who Want Satisfaction and Flavour

If you’ve never felt like a wrap is quite enough for you, you probably haven’t tried to put a large one away. Large wraps can be as big as 27cm in diameter, making for a sizeable meal, especially when paired with the right fillings. Of course size isn’t the only thing that matters, but what they’re made of as well.

Large wraps from Blue Shirt Bakery for instance are made from wheat flour and a host of other delicious ingredients, which leave you feeling satisfied after finishing one.

The Health-Conscious Wrapster

Since wraps are often regarded as a healthier option, it makes sense that they would come in a few health conscious forms.

You can, for instance, opt for bran and seed wraps which contain all the texture, all the flavour, and far fewer calories.

You could also opt for low carb wraps which often one of the healthiest ways to eat them.

Of course, much of a wrap’s health value comes from what’s in it, or rather what isn’t. So if it’s the healthier option you’re after, make sure you use healthier fillings.

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